Risk as a value generator
July 2018
Embracing complexity, developing forward-looking risk capability and optimizing the ‘total cost of risk’

Boards and investors of leading corporations are necessarily becoming more active in risk management. However, effectively tackling what are often unforeseen risks is increasingly challenging as the risk landscape becomes ever more complex. Embracing this complexity requires a truly forward-looking risk capability across an organization’s three lines of defence, enabled by digital data analytics, as well as deep seated industry insight and expertise.

Our experience is that organizations often underestimate critical business and operational risks by over-reliance on experience and over-confidence in ability to mitigate. Mere compliance with international standards and certification often falls short in delivering real value. Robust risk management generates true value to the business, prevents unforeseen losses and creates significant savings. The ultimate outcome optimizes the total cost of risk (TCOR) according to the risk appetite.

Our Risk Practice has a unique blend of deep operational and industry insights, together with the latest digital problem solving approaches, helping you to navigate risk with confidence to strengthen business resilience. We work alongside you as trusted advisors to provide board level assurance and risk insights.

Our teams leverage deep understanding of not just theoretical best practices in risk management, but what actually tends to work in practice based on extensive industry experience. We help you understand what good looks like for your organization, and how to get there.