Some tips for successful interviews

Practice before your interviews:

The case study is a difficult exercise that meets specific rules. Try to prepare yourself by asking for help from your friends, or by working on one of the many existing manuals.

Think of listening carefully to all your interviewer's instructions:

Sometimes the devil resides in detail.

Do not hesitate to ask your interviewer: If you need more information or if you have not understood the whole problem, it is often better to ask a question than to leave on the wrong basis.

Take a minute of reflection if you feel the need:

It will not be held against you if you take a little time to think (provided it is not too long).

Structure your thought correctly:

Avoid moving in all directions. Show your interlocutor that you know where you are going by explaining the steps of your reasoning. Involve your interviewer in your reflection: Do not forget that the objective of these case studies for your interlocutor is to see you reflect. Therefore, give him something to appreciate the path of your thought!

Make sure that the initial question is answered:

At the end of your reasoning, you must be able to answer the question originally asked.

Control your behavior:

In these case studies, we test not only your ability to solve problems, but also your resistance to stress, your listening skills, your ability to work in a team, and your reactions to difficult situations. It is also on the general impression that you give of yourself that you will be evaluated.


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