Technology & innovation management

Executive Roundtable: Digitalization

What are “real-world use cases” of today’s digital-hype technologies?

CES2018 report

What you really need to know

2 x
Average expected increase in revenue contribution from breakthrough innovations 5 years from now
66 %
Companies that recognize a need and ambition to improve their overall innovation performance
30 %
Shorter time-to-break-even for new products that top innovation performers enjoy compared to the average company

In recent years the business environment for innovation has been transformed. The digital revolution, the rise of ecosystems and start-ups, hyper-competition and global economic uncertainties mean that innovation success depends more than ever on...


We offer a unique set of capabilities to help clients succeed in Technology and Innovation Management (TIM). Arthur D. Little’s TIM services address our clients’ most critical challenges in three main areas: building ecosystem  capabilities;...


We work side-by-side with our clients to help them build company and ecosystem innovation capabilities, in order to get  more out of their core innovation investments (impact, productivity, agility, speed) and deliver more, faster, better breakthrough innovations.